Workin’ it at the Gary Roberts High Performance Center

 In Fitness

Here I’m working out at the Gary Roberts Training Center. BB Glute Bridge exercise. This one will burn a bit!!! This exercise will help you leap tall buildings in a single bound…..  you know, for when the opportunity comes up that is. After all my last name is “Kent”.

It’s that time again to start getting in shape for next season. This is our “off season” time for golf here in Toronto. It’s our time to take a look at the areas of our golf games that need improvement and set out a plan for change. ..My goal is to get in better shape. I have a new workout program setup by Gary and his staff. We will start with overall body conditioning then move towards more golf specific exercises in the new year. So far, it’s quite a bit different from the program I did last winter. A lot more core engaging and the program is every other day rather than every day. I play hockey on the off workout days so I’m getting lots of cardio there. Improving quickly, my reps and weights have increased in only a few weeks so that’s good, and they only want me to do max 8 reps. Keep the exercise hard enough that I can only do 8. It was tough getting started back at working out again this winter. I didn’t work out during the summer due to my tough work schedule, and being off of it for that long, it’s tempting to not do it at all. But I remember from last year once you get started and see some success it becomes addictive and you really don’t want to miss a day anymore. You really start to crave it. It’s just like golf! Right? “Can’t wait to play tomorrow.”


This is the Goblet Split Squat