The Putt Doctor (Dr. Craig Farnsworth)

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Ten Prescriptions for Setup Success Craig has worked with my golf game for many years. I first meet Craig when he was working with Nick Faldo and Tom Kite back in their primes and his book “See It & Sink It” was out, it caught my attention. I read the book, gave him a call and we’ve been working together every since. I visit him in La Quinta once or twice a year. I always come away with great drills, techniques and thoughts that I can use for myself and share with my students back home in Toronto. This November 2015 in Palm Springs California we did a review on AimPoint and some overall drills for better speed control. We discovered that my prescription eye glasses are causing me to have trouble seeing long putts accurately. It seems I am better to take the glasses off for those long roller coaster putts. Gary. k   Dr. Farnsworth believes that a good setup is critical for an efficient putting stroke. Here are his key points:

    1. Know your dominant eye
    2. Three musts to see the target line
    3. The dominant eye dictates your stance
    4. Get connected
    5. Shoulder alignment and front-arm dominance
    6. Bend at the hips, not at the waist
    7. Neutral wrists and hands
    8. Be diligent with the ball position
    9. Hands at or slightly in front of the ball
    10. Good balance is imperative