The Downswing (rear view)

 In Golf Swing

Once we have finished the backswing, we immediately start the other direction. The arms fall down to our side and the weight is transferring to the left foot. We want to transfer the weight and have the arms come down in a synchronized manner that will apply maximum force into the back of the golf ball. The best swing plane would have the club shaft through the right bicep like the picture is showing.

COMMON MISTAKE Some experienced players have the club come too far under the right bicep causing hooks and thin and chunked wedge shots. Beginners will sometimes go the other direction and come down too steep, above the right bicep causing slices, deep divot and lack of distance. Both very undesirable positions to get into. PRO TIP Keep the butt end of the club shaft pointing just inside the ball at this point of the swing. Use a mirror to mimic this position regularly.