Setup of the Golf Swing (rear view)

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Jack Nicklaus always said the golf setup determines a lot about how well a golf ball will be struck. Stand incorrectly and shot making could suffer badly. Good characteristics of a setup: Bend forward from the hips keeping your back fairly straight like the picture shows, not hunched over. Arms hang from the shoulder joints, when done proper the hands will be slightly outward from the shoulder. Knees bent a small amount and your weight should be under your ankles, not toes. Shaft of the club should point at your belt line. Soul of the club should not be flat on the ground but toe should be up a little.

COMMON MISTAKE Too much knee bend and having the shaft angle of the club pointing too high at the belly button, this will cause erratic contact and especially thin or top shots. PRO TIP Our bodies change over time. Have an instructor check your setup at least once a year to be sure you’re not compensating in your setup positioning for an injury or muscle imbalance. Going to long with a damaged setup could cause hard to fix swing issues that you may regret.