Profile of a Elite player Golfer

Elite Lessons and the 1 Year Program is for those who are passionate about winning tournaments, becoming a low handicapper, receiving a scholarship, playing on tour or becoming an instructor.

$2999 + HST

Lessons held at the Markham Golf Dome,
150 Burncrest Rd. Markham Ontario See Map

A few program highlights

  • The goal in this program is to assist the player in understanding and implementing the changes necessary to take their SWING, MIND & BODY to the highest level, becoming even more competitive with today’s players who are also striving to be stronger, more consistent and mentally tougher.
  • We will be strengthening and enhancing all 3 areas in order to effectively respond to the adverse pressures of competition, ultimately achieving VERY LOW SCORES

Elite Player Program Includes

  • COACHING (including video analysis).
  • A plan for progress will be worked out by the player and Gary before the program begins.
  • Goal setting, mental conditioning, emotional mind-body toughness which is so vital for success.
  • Includes on course playing lessons with Gary. Acting as a player/caddie by showing the shots, reading the greens, checking alignments and being there to answer questions to make you a better player.
  • Game analysis, tournament preparation, course management, periodization & more.
  • Phone and email Coaching Included.

Call 416-402-7171 to enroll

Need help determining if this is the right program for you? Call 416-402-7171 or email Gary.

  • Thank you for the tremendous help you have given me during the last 5 years in elevating my golf ability. You were always available to provide assistance with physical and mental aspects of my game. I am in my 2nd year of a golf scholarship at an NCAA Division II college in Arkansas - the #1 player on the team with a stroke average of 72. My success as a golfer would not have been possible without your help.

    Paul Sobottka University Student
  • Thanks to Gary I was able to attain back to back 10th place finishes at the North American Long Drive Championships, and achieved 21st in the world.

    Stewart Young Professional Long Driver
  • In my opinion Gary is without doubt one of the most enthusiastic, energetic and passionate golf professionals I have ever met. His knowledge of the golf swing is incredible and he has an uncanny ability to offer multiple suggestions to the problems you are experiencing. I am currently a 2 handicap and have been working with Gary for about 7 years. I am thrilled not only happy to have him as a golf coach but equally happy to have him as a friend. Over the years a group of his pupils have established a weekly golf game that includes Gary where we are given the ability to compete against one another. Having this group allows us to challenge ourselves in a fun competitive environment and identify opportunities with him by your side. There are no guarantees in the golf swing, but one thing you can always count on is Gary giving 100% to every single pupil with a smile on his face.

    Don Monto.
  • We’ve seen hundreds of golfers through our new programs every year, with very good results. I’ve been able to put together specific programs for each individual golfer that works every single time. The reason why my programs work is because I’m continually learning...the Elite Green Tee Program came from a combination of learning sessions at the David Leadbetter, Jim McLean, Paul Bertholy, Dave Pelz, Sean Fletch, Jon Sinclair, Hank Haney & the Bob Rotella schools that I've attended & adopted into our programs. Their methods not only gave me the knowledge of how to be a very good player, but also how to Coach the best players around

    Gary Kent