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Learn More About our Green Tee Programs™.


Perfect for beginners. Improve your game after a few lessons.


Intermediate golfers, prepare to take strokes off your game.

Break 90/80 Player Program

This program will get you on your way.

Elite Players

Elite players take your golf game to the next level.

Our unique program GUARANTEES results

Whether you’re just beginning or qualifying for Elite Tournaments, this CPGA member and owner of The Gary Kent Golf School has created what most believe is the perfect teaching system … and GUARANTEES your RESULTS! The revolutionary system called the “Green Tee Programs™” eliminates all the frustrations, fears and embarrassment of trying to play consistently great golf. The reason we started this program was to find a system that was teachable & you can easily learn, whether you were playing for the first time or wanted to craft your game for professional tournaments. Plus, we were constantly told by our new students, year after year, how frustrated they were with the lack of competent instructors around. There were lots of teaching pros, but few TRULY UNDERSTAND HOW TO TEACH THE GAME. Well, in the process of designing the Green Tee Program™, we discovered that there were three main concerns that people had in finding the right program.

gary kent golf schools of ontario golf lessons


Will My Game Actually Improve From Taking This Program

Yes! At the Gary Kent Golf School, depending on the level of the player, we use Computerized Swing Analysis equipment (high resolution/slow motion video) to help assess your skill level. We then design a plan specific to your needs. You will then be confidently placed in the program that best fits your game improvement needs. Our Green Tee Program™, was designed with inputs from 896 of our past students, plus what I’ve personally learned by taking lessons from such notable instructors such as David Leadbetter, Chuck Hogan, Hank Haney & Jim McLean.

Guaranteed Results

The Green Tee Program™ guarantees that you will play better golf and meet all your golf improvement expectations, from any of the programs. If you don’t play better golf, improve your score, hit straighter and longer shots … after taking any of the Green Tee Program™, we will Completely Refund ALL Your Fees – PLUS A FREE LESSON FROM ANY GTA GOLF INSTRUCTOR OF YOUR CHOICE.

 Affordable Fees

No other golf program offers this type of structured program in Ontario, at the price that the Gary Kent Golf School offers. We’re familiar with most of the credible golf programs in the city and can say confidently, that we offer great value for the Green Tee Program™. We have a wide range of programs and prices that will give everyone at all levels a chance to learn, or improve at the game of golf. For a full pricing structure of the different programs, request a copy of our most Current Pricing Schedule.

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