Practice Indoors During the Winter Months

 In Golf Swing

If you want to become good at the game of golf, and live in the north.   You’ll need to accept the fact that a golf club needs to be in your hand year round. Practicing in an indoor facility during the snowy months has become the way of today’s Canadian golfer.  Whether maintaining hard earned skills from the summer,  or improving on what they have. Get yourself enrolled into a lesson program that not only increases your consistency of striking the ball, but also builds your strength and flexibility for greater distance. Use impact tape on your clubface to develop consistency of contact.  Using the tape lets you see exactly where the club strikes the ball.  You must learn to hit the sweet spot regularly in order have consistent distances. Practice aiming your shots straight at the targets in the net. Use a straight chalk line for putting, develop the ability to hit the ball straight. Research! Become more educated about how to play the game of golf.