One reason why you might be Slicing your Drive!

 In Golf Swing

In order to fix a slice it’s important to determine why it’s happening in the first place. There are about 15 reasons why you may be slicing your drive regularly. Just so your head doesn’t explode, I will show you the #1 reason right here and now why people slice a golf shot! Lack of forearm rotation through the hitting area. If you look at the picture here you will see the forearms crossed over at post impact. This proper rotation is vital for good golf ball contact and distance. Every tour player uses this move in their golf swing. Only 1 in 100 recreational players will use this rotation. If you use too much rotation you will hit a hook. Find the middle ground. If you would like further instruction on fixing your slice in a live lesson environment, golf lessons can be booked for the Scarborough Family Golf Centre in Scarborough Ontario. Contact Us! I would love to hear from you! Please let me know if there is a particular golf swing issue you would like me to cover in one of my blogs. I would me happy to do it and give you my professional advice. Gary Kent