Junior Private 1/2 hour lessons

Lessons with Gary for ages 10-14

Golf balls are included with each lesson.

Golfers Cost
1 Junior Golfer $40 + HST

Junior Private lessons are to be paid for at the 1st lesson.

Gary Kent Junior golfers
Gary Kent Junior golfers

 What does the program have to offer?

  • Safety for yourself and others at the golf school
  • They will learn the position of the ball, hands, stance and posture for the full swing
  • Warm up and stretching exercises
  • FULL SWING mechanics
  • Putting methods that will work for all types of greens
  • Chipping/pitching techniques
  • How to play a Bunker Shot
  • Terms used in a game, eg, hazard, OB, tee box…
  • Rules, etiquette and scoring terms eg; birdie, bogie…
  • Alignment of club face to a target
  • The use of each club in the bag
  • Slow MOTION Video Playback for golf swing Analysis
  • Sportsmanship & teamwork games
  • Some Equipment Recommendations (what clubs to buy your child based on strength and height)

This program cannot be accurately designed until the player’s assessments are complete.

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NEW! On Course Playing Lessons for Juniors. Call 416-402-7171 or email Gary for details on course locations and prices.