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Gary’s Mini Tour

The Big Boys Game is a fun way for golfers to play in a non expensive competitive environment.

It’s a good way to get away from the same old mulligan taking, foot wedge, “that’s a gimmie” guys that you may end up playing with on the weekends or in corporate outings. Now you can play with some guys that have the same interest in mind. (To continuously improve at the game of golf and play at their highest level possible)

The BBG was developed by Gary Kent and is open to active Golf School participants who are 20 handicap or better. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to get on the golf course with your golf instructor. Join Big Boys Golf on Facebook. Lots of great tips and golf information.

I’m looking forward to the 4th season of our little mini tour. We try to get 8 to 12 players out every Friday.

We play Low Net $20 regular games and $30 Majors. Our tourneys are more about whether you win or lose anyway, not the money. Everyone just wants to win, and that’s what gives it the edge to make it fun and exciting! Playing like the Big Boys! We had many different winners this year…. It was very fair for everyone!

It’s a fun time, and no matter how you play… The beer is always good at the end of the game!

Gary Kent Mini Tour


  • May 26th Tom S & GK (tie) Lakeridge Links
  • June 16th Colin P.  Watsons Glen
  • June 30th, GK Deer Creek North
  • July 7th Pete C.  Glen Ceders
  • July 14th, Pete C, & Colin P (tie) West View
  • July 21st,  Tom S. Columbus
  • July 28th  Tom S. Shawneeki
  • Aug 11th,  Lloyd S. West View
  • Aug 18th Pete C. Oakridge Golf Course
  • Aug 25th,  Lloyd S. St. Andrews Valley
  • Sept 1st. Lloyd S (reg. tournament win)
  • Sept 1st. Lloyd S wins the BBG Tour Championship at Cherry Downs
  • May 6th Peter C. Glen Cedars Golf Course
  • May 13th Andrew S, Lakeridge Links
  • May 20th Joe M, Watsons Glen
  • May 27th Mike P, Oak Ridge
  • June 3rd John B & Andrew S (tie). Deer Creek North
  • June 10th Andrew S, Mill Run
  • June 17th Mike P, West View
  • June 24th John B. & Mike P, (tie) Shawneeki Golf Course
  • July 8th GK., St. Andrews Valley
  • July 15th John B. Columbus Golf
  • July 22th Colin P. Deer Creek
  • July 29th Pete C., Lakeridge Golf Links
  • Aug 5th Pete C., Bradford Highlands Golf Course
  • Aug 12th Pete C. Glen Cedars Golf Course
  • Aug 19th John B. Mill Run
  • Aug 26th Tom S. Watsons Glen
  • Sept 2nd Victor K. West View (reg. tournament win)
  • Sept 2nd Tom S. wins the BBG Tour Championship at Westview Golf Club
  • Match Play Champion: Mike Page
  • May 1st Tom T, Glen Cedars
  • May 8th Peter C. West View
  • May 15th Gary F, Lakeridge Links
  • May 22nd Tom S, Columbus Golf Course
  • May 29th Kyle O, Mill Run
  • June 5th Mike P. Watson’s Glen
  • June 19th GK, St. Andrews Valley
  • June 26th Tom S & Joe M, Shawneeki Golf Course
  • July 3rd Colin P., Oakridge Golf
  • July 10th Joe M., Deer Creek North
  • July 24th Colin P. Columbus Golf
  • July 31st Kevin C., Glen Cedars Golf Course
  • Aug 7th Tom T., Bradford Highlands Golf Course
  • Aug 14th Tom S., Mill Run Golf Course
  • Aug 21st Kyle O, and Don M (tie) Maples of Ballantre Golf Course
  • Aug 28th Tom S. Lakeridge Golf Links
  • Sept 4th Mike P. West View (reg. tournament win)
  • Sept 4th Tom S. wins the BBG Tour Championship at Westview Golf Club
  • Match Play Champion Colin Pellew
  • April 25th GK, Glen Cedars
  • May 2nd GK, West View
  • May 9th Tom T. Mill Run
  • May 16th DJ., Deer Creek North
  • May 23rd Kevin C, Watson’s Glen
  • May 30th GK., Lakeridge Links
  • June 6th Tom T and Lloyd S. (tie) West View
  • June 13th DJ, and Colin P., (tie) Glen Ceders
  • June 20th Tom T, St Andrews Valley
  • July 4th Tom T., Shawneeki
  • July 11th GK., Mill Run
  • July 18th Kyle O. Oak Ridges
  • July 25th Peter C., St Andrews Valley
  • Aug 8th Tom S., Deer Creek North
  • Aug 15th Tom T., Glen Ceders
  • Aug 22nd Kyle O, GK, Tom S, and Pete C., (tie) Lakeridge Links
  • Aug 29th Lloyd S. West View (reg. tournament win)
  • Aug 29th GK. wins the Tour Championship at Westview Golf Club
  • Match Play Champion Tom Tischler
  • May 3rd Tom T. and Colin P. (tie), Glen Cedars
  • May 10th DJ, Watson’s Glen
  • May 17th Don M. and Colin P. (tie), Lakeridge Links
  • May 31st Tom T., Westview Golf Club
  • June 7th The Shah, Deer Creek North
  • June 14th Bob M., Glen Cedars
  • June 21st Kyle O. and Terje, Shawneeki
  • July 12th Tom T., St. Andrews Valley
  • July 26th Don M., Red Crest
  • Aug 2nd Tom S., Mill Run Golf
  • Aug 9th Tom T., Oakridge Golf Course
  • Aug 16th Gary K. and Colin P. (tie), Deer Creek North
  • Aug 23rd Tom S., Bradford Highlands
  • Aug 30th Lloyd S., West View (reg. tournament win)
  • Aug 30th Tom T. wins the Tour Championship at Westview Golf Club
  • Match Play Champion Kyle O’Brien
  • May 4th Don M., Glen Cedars
  • May 11th (Tie) Lloyd S. and Colin P., WestView
  • May 18th Kyle O., Watson’s Glen
  • June 10th Don M., Mill Run
  • June 16th Don M., Red Crest
  • June 22nd Colin P., Shawneeki
  • June 30th Tom T, Oakridge
  • July 6th Colin P., Ballantre
  • July 20th Lloyd S., WestView
  • July 27th Lloyd S., Deer Creek North
  • Aug 3rd DJ., Lakeridge Golf Links
  • Aug 17th Victor K., Pheasant Run
  • Aug 24th Tom S., Bradford Highlands
  • Aug 31st (tie) Tom T. and Kyle O., Glen Cedars
  • Sept 7th Lloyd S., Nobleton Lakes
  • Sept 14th Gary K., Ballantre
  • I may not be able to help a lot on the golf course because I realize we are both playing a competitive round of golf. But the info I can gather while seeing your game in action, can be vital for improvement when we get back to the range.

    Gary Kent
  • I have had a few instructors over the years and I must say your approach is great. Playing the BBG has really helped my game. It's not very often you can have your instructor out with you.

  • BBG Tour for me is all about the competition. Competition with like minded players in a fun and relaxed environment. When play is complete, it's congrats to the winner, lots of laughs, food and beverage for all. Cheers.