Impact Position for the Golf Swing (rear view)

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From this rear view the club shaft should return to the same position it started at address. Hips are turned at least 45 degrees to the left from original address position. Right heel is rolling to the inside of the foot as the right knee starts pointing towards the target. The left leg is straightening and the weight is starting to shift into the left heel. The left arm should be fairly straight while the right arm is slightly bent.

COMMON MISTAKE No hip turn at this point. Lack of flexibility and/or mobility in the lower back. This player will tend to be out of proper sync, lack distance and mishit the ball fairly often. PRO TIP Many experienced players lose their posture angles at this point. The spine angle becomes too straight up and down. The shaft becomes too upright and the toe of the club starts digging in the ground. Practice with a chair against your bum when hitting balls. keep your bum pushing against the chair all the way through the swing till the finish.