Computers are Killing our Golf Posture

 In Golf Swing

Due to the sedentary or ‘sitting down’ lifestyle that has become the norm over the last century, the structural design of the human body has been compromised. When the integrity of the design is affected, the entire system becomes affected; the hip girdle changes its tilt, the spine changes its curve, and the entire body begins to compensate for those changes which creates misalignments. In time, these misalignments will cause wear and tear on the body leading to musculoskeletal breakdown, injuries, and pain.

“I believe that the #1 most neglected aspect of Health & Fitness lay in analyzing a person’s posture.” – Roger Fredericks

Every year, I see my client’s postures getting worse and worse. The more time spent on the computer looking for tips to fix their golf swing, tweeting, liking facebook, and searching out the secrets of the world, the more hunched over people are getting in their everyday posture.

This bad posture will affect the swing plane which in turn affects the golf club to ball contact.  Bad posture=bad golf shots, that’s just the way it is! Here are a few tips to getting your posture back: stand tall and proud when you get a break from the computer, stick your chest out, and get those shoulders back.

  • Gary Kent