Practice Indoors During the Winter Months

If you want to become good at the game of golf, and live in the north.   You’ll need to accept the fact that a golf club needs to be in your hand year round. Practicing in an indoor facility [...]

Computers are Killing our Golf Posture

Due to the sedentary or ‘sitting down’ lifestyle that has become the norm over the last century, the structural design of the human body has been compromised. When the integrity of the design is [...]

Save Strokes, Align Yourself

Most people believe that when hitting a straight shot, proper alignment would have you aiming the club-face straight down the centre of the fairway with your shoulders and feet running [...]

Setup of the Golf Swing (rear view)

Jack Nicklaus always said the golf setup determines a lot about how well a golf ball will be struck. Stand incorrectly and shot making could suffer badly. Good characteristics of a setup: Bend [...]

The Downswing (rear view)

Once we have finished the backswing, we immediately start the other direction. The arms fall down to our side and the weight is transferring to the left foot. We want to transfer the weight and [...]

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