Building Confidence When Playing Golf

 In Mental

In the game of golf, confidence is a must, and the key to confidence is preparedness. You need to be able to play the basic golf shots, plus a few tough recovery golf shots to get you through a game of golf. For example, if the golf course you’re playing is very windy, you need to know how to get around the course with a lower ball flight. That means practicing some wind golf shots on the practice range before the round. That is being prepared.

To be prepared, we have to continue learning and practicing. We need to be willing to learn how to hit a buried lie golf shot in the bunker, a fade around the tree, or a fairway bunker shot with a high lip. Learning and practicing all these golf shots makes the sport more interesting to play and gives you more confidence in your ability to handle the game, no matter what the elements throw at you.

If you would like further instruction on your mental game in a live lesson environment, golf lessons can be booked through our website or by calling.

-Gary Kent