The Putt Doctor (Dr. Craig Farnsworth)

Ten Prescriptions for Setup Success Craig has worked with my golf game for many years. I first meet Craig when he was working with Nick Faldo and Tom Kite back in their primes and his book [...]

The Downswing (rear view)

Once we have finished the backswing, we immediately start the other direction. The arms fall down to our side and the weight is transferring to the left foot. We want to transfer the weight and [...]

Setup of the Golf Swing (rear view)

Jack Nicklaus always said the golf setup determines a lot about how well a golf ball will be struck. Stand incorrectly and shot making could suffer badly. Good characteristics of a setup: Bend [...]

…for Good Golf, get Back to Basics.

It’s spring here in Ontario and the golf season is upon us. When getting back to hitting golf balls and preparing our golf swing for a good year of ball striking and scoring, we need to [...]

Post Impact of the Golf Swing (rear view)

At this point of the golf swing the lower body is going to decelerate soon and the upper body is turning to catch up with the lower body. The spine maintains most of the same angle it had at [...]

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